We are a full-service business development firm.

About Us

3D Strategic Management, Inc. is a full-service business development firm. Our team has over 21 years of experience in supplier development, public relations, business focused trainings, government relations and youth entrepreneurship programs. Our team is qualified to DESIGN customized services/solutions. We will strategically DEVELOP comprehensive business development training programs. We promise to DELIVER measurable results and sustainable growth for our clients! We work hard so you can work smart!


Corporate Supplier Development

  • Design custom corporate trainings to increase target participation
  • Develop programmatic content based on each corporations' culture, systems, goals and supplier diverse practices for small and minority businesses
  • Deliver researched based reporting and program monitoring

3D Strategic Management, Inc. team is comprised of experienced, respected and resourceful supplier development professionals.

Small and Minority Business Professional Coach

  • Design holistic professional business coaching
  • Develop local, state and national resource partner network in government and private sectors
  • Deliver expertise in operational and management training, construction, procurement and sales

3D Strategic Management, Inc.’ s team are industry respected and trusted business coaches.

Community and Public Relations Services

  • Design and manage strategic community relations/inclusion programming
  • A national professional public speaker on business development best practices
  • Deliver respected and trusted business Industry advisory services

Student Entrepreneur Educational Development (SEED)

Mission: Cultivate a SEED of entrepreneurship that blossoms into a strong and sustainable business.

SEED Program Outline:

  • Design entrepreneurial modules which include guest speakers series and group/individual exercises
  • Develop technology focused hands - on applications
  • Deliver a student focused robust entrepreneur program facilitated by business development experts

Our Vision

To provide customized business development training programs that will increase the success of small and diverse businesses.

Contact Us

“This is not just my job, it is my passion and purpose.”

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  • 888-585-3DSM(3376)